Welcome to HFE Genealogy!

I've created this website with the hope of connecting with other individuals who I am related too in some way or another, as there have been many revealed through my ancestry and 23andme DNA tests.

I'm excited to share my progress as I have been absolutely obsessed recently with uncovering new discoveries through genealogy websites as well as my late grandpa's documents. I'm also working on collecting and restoring as many older photos as I can from family and otherwise and I will share my updates to here through the form of blog posts.

I've always been interested in genealogy, but never have I connected my interests in software, photography, and digital art in a way like this before. I'd like to believe I've gotten very good and someday I hope that I can make a business out of doing it for other families as well, primarily in the pursuit of knowledge (though money is certainly a valuable incentive as well, to support my endeavors and the resources I need to pursue it).

I hope to hear from many family members and hope that you will find this website to be useful or insightful in some way, and that you may gain some knowledge to guide you in your own research.

Happy hunting!

- Tony F.