Pictures from Lehigh County, Pennsylvania


Road sign on Holbens Valley Road 1 mile west of Route 100 in Weisenberg Township, Lehigh County.
Site of the 3rd Church built of stone in 1830. This church was torn down to construct the present 4th church in 1864 and renovated in 1900. This picture looks north from the South Cemetery across Weisenberg Church Road.
Weisenberg Church looking west from the Old Cemetery.
The Old Cemetery looking east from the present church. This was also the site of the original 1st and 2nd log churches built in 1754 and 1804.
The Old Cemetery showing the Holben gravestones.
Grave marker of Johann Jacob Holben. Note that "Johann" has been eliminated and the last name is "Holben".
Grave marker of Theobald (Hollwing) Holben.
Grave marker of Sara (Hollwing) Holben, wife of Theobald.
Grave marker of George Holben, s/o Lorentz Holben, Sr.
Grave marker of Elisabeth (Holbigen) Holben, d/o of Lorentz, Sr.
Grave marker of Maria Magdalena (Holbigne) Holben, d/o of Lorentz, Sr.
Renovated log home circa. 1770 located just north of Holbens Valley Road at Run Road. This was possibly the first home of Lorentz, Sr. before he inherited his fatherís large farm on the south side of Holbens Valley Road. It was occupied by his ancestors Solomon, Solomon, Jr. and Christian S. before being purchased by the Bittner family.
Barn of Christian S. Holben across the road from the original log house of Lorentz, Sr.
Historical marker and site of the original home of Johann Jacob Holben on Bittner's Hill Road about 1/3 mile south of Holbens Valley Road.
Site of the Jacob Holben (grand son of Lorentz, Sr.) homestead on Holbens Valley Road just west of Run Road.
Site of the homestead of Phaon Holben, grand son of Lorentz, Sr. This site is located at the intersection of Holbens Valley Road and Run Road just south of the log home.
The Lowhill Church in Lowhill Township about 2 miles north of the Weisenberg Church.
The Lowhill Church cemetery.
Another view of the Lowhill Church looking north from the cemetery.